Ballard / Fremont Homes & Townhomes

Residents look for real estate and homes in these two neighborhoods primarily because they’re great places to raise a family and are easily accessible to downtown. Ballard and Fremont are home to some of the best breweries, local eateries, and festivals Seattle has to offer. These areas are known for being eclectic, quirky neighborhoods where locals come to celebrate the Summer Solstice festival and gather around Gasworks Park during the summertime with their families. Check out Ballard & Fremont real estate & homes when you’re out and about next time.

What to Expect When Purchasing a Home or Townhome in the this area

Expect to fight for what you like and believe is a good fit for you and/or your family! This is one of the most premium areas in the Seattle area and with lower inventories the best properties tend to go within 5 to 10 days of coming on market.

Ballard Fremont Homes & Townhomes Housing Trends for 2014 to 2016

Real Estate in Seattle is climbing rapidly and these two neighborhoods are among the most popular for all they offer. The local average is around 9% year over year for appreciation and there’s no sign of this coming to a halt anytime soon from what the top real estate analysts are saying. Thus, if you find something you like, think about acting fast! More data coming soon to this page but for now just reach out to Julian with a specific hyper-local question.

Some of the most exciting attractions Ballard / Fremont Homes & Townhomes

Ballard Locks
Feat of engineering that maintains water levels for two lakes, keeps seawater separated from fresh water, and moves boats safely between these bodies of water.
The Fish Ladder provides an underwater view of salmon and steelheads passing through the locks
The Botanical Garden is an idyllic collection of trees and flowers from around the world.

Golden Gardens Park
One of the few large sandy beaches in the area
Popular spot for volleyball, barbeques and fire pits
Woods and trails, too

Gasworks Park
Offers beautiful views of Seattle skyline
Popular spot for dogs, Frisbee, picnics, access to kayaking and paddle-boarding
Built around a decommissioned boiler and oil plant, now brightly colored

Fremont Sunday Market
Indoor and outdoor European style street market
Up to 200 vendors offering antiques, fashion, tools, food and more
Pet-friendly, bike accessible, near other mom-and-pop shopping streets

Some great bites and happy hours in the Ballard and Fremont neighborhood

Great BBQ
Happy hour: Mon-Fri 3-6pm, 11pm-1am every night
My favorite is the customizable gourmet mac and cheese

Top-notch pizza
Closed on Mondays and only serves dinner
High quality ingredients on simple, proven recipes

The Walrus and the Carpenter
Voted best raw oyster bar
Happy hour: Mon-Thurs 4-6pm
In addition to seafood, many French dining options, I like the steak tartare

Lighthouse Coffee Roasters
Best local coffee shop
Features new local artists’ work every month
Sell their artisan coffee by the bag if you want to take it home

Incredible sandwiches and Caribbean food
Its temporary closure caused a public outcry, and now it’s back
I love the Paseo Press, with banana peppers, caramelized onions and roasted pork

Li’l Woody’s
Serving Seattle’s best local burgers, shakes and fries
Grass-fed beef, also vegetarian friendly options
Salmon burger is my favorite

Happy Hour: Everyday 4-6pm & 10pm-12am
Incredible seafood and spirits, casual dine-out atmosphere
Features many Hawaiian fin fish, Ono Woohoo is my favorite

Ballard and Fremont Community Websites & Events

Ballard Neighborhood Events
Fremont Neighborhood Events
From the Art Walk to SeaFood Fest, there are always plenty of community events in Fremont and Ballard.

Ballard/Fremont Schools:

  • High School: Ballard, Roosevelt High
  • Junior Highs: Whitman, Hamilton International
  • Elementary Schools: Salmon Bay, Adams, B.F. Day, Loyal Heights, North Beach, West Woodland, Whittier
  • 17 to 1 student/teacher ratio