Why Hiring Julian as Your Buyer’s Agent is Good Choice Versus the Competition

You’re not hiring a ‘newbie’ to client services, marketing or sales. Julian has 20+ years in the Marketing, Sales & Communications industries having been hired for very competitive roles at Nike in Portland, Nordstrom in Seattle and The Venetian in Las Vegas, and has owned two businesses over the past decade, both of which thrived and grew in a down economy. He’s passed up roles in Marketing, Creative and Management at a variety of marketing agencies, tech companies and small businesses to continue pursuing his interests and enjoys helping people and his flexibility.

In 2016 Julian averaged getting his client’s their home on their 1st or 2nd Offer! (1.6 to be exact) 

Here are a few unique elements about Julian that makes him unique and will give you much more than an edge, whether by saving you money, time and/or grief as a homebuyer.

Five Things About Julian That Will Greatly Benefit You in a Competitive Market

#1 – Julian is savvy, highly communicative, a fighter, a senior project manager, and understands the market

If you look up the word ‘savvy’ on Google you’ll find the following definition: “shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments.” There are a variety of situations that will arise, both positive and negative, and it’s essential to be very savvy in today’s competitive and fast real estate market.

‘Active and Engaging Communication’ is vital to a successful experience and transaction of purchasing your first/next home. We’re actively communicating on a weekly/daily basis about new homes, strategy and touring. When we’re into offer situations things move very quickly and we’re communicating constantly, sometimes at inconvenient times for Julian but that is what is required sometimes to get you into the best position.

If Julian’s up until midnight getting paperwork completed than that’s what it takes, this isn’t a 9-5p job.

When it comes time to engage with other agents, lenders, escrow and title professionals, being able to extrapolate information quickly, process and communicate this diligently requires a certain amount of savviness and balance.

Each macro and micro market is unique, especially in a very fast-paced, competitive market such as ours in the greater Seattle/Bellevue, King County and beyond. Through research, communications and processing data Julian is able to advise you with Confidence so you can make highly educated decisions.

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#2 – Negotiations and Communications are Julian’s biggest strengths

Growing up from small beginnings Julian had to fight for everything he earned, every opportunity presented, and continues to fight for his clients to gain an edge and get that dream home you’re searching for. Every negotiation is unique, terms are always different and specific to each property, and it’s all about assembling the best strategy to negotiate upon and communicate with on your behalf.

Did You Know Julian’s been published?..many times!

Did you know Julian was a journalist and/or editor for several years once upon a time and writes all his content? Running his creative marketing agency for several years and contributing occasionally to major publications such as Runners World, Brooks, The News Tribune, etc. was part of his normal day. So when drafting communications to other agents, writing personal letters and such, you’re hiring a highly experienced writer who could work as an editor tomorrow. Note: Please forgive the use of second and third-person, just sounded better and didn’t want to use ‘I’ so often. 

#3 – Ever hired someone with the drive and passion of a National Champion before?

In his prep years before college, Julian was the Junior Olympics National Champion for the entire United States and ran cross country and track at university on scholarship, competing with and against many future Olympians and professional athletes. He later coached dozens of successful athletes for several seasons before retiring from coaching in 2005 while he was an editor and consultant for Nike, course expert and mentor.

Julian with his athletes after setting a new school record for most boys under 4:40 for one mile in 2004.

Julian enjoys the thrill of competition, working under pressure, and high attention to detail

Whether it’s winning a bike at his elementary at the age of 9 for selling the most at the school’s annual fundraising event, winning a local golf tournament last year, winning over 75 poker tournaments in five states, or a national championship in running, Julian carries a supremely high degree of drive, skill, creativity and strategy into every home offer, action plan, and interaction of your behalf. Know that you’re hiring a winner onto your home buying team!

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After being 6th of 12 offers the week before, we were able to beat out the competition the next week to get my buyers their first home in their premium desired area over two other offers! Since 2016 this home has increased in more value than what their offer escalated. #winallaround

#4 – Availability and tailoring to your specific needs is very important

Being ‘available’ to you when needed is extremely important. And even if Julian is with another client or on a mini-vacation, you’ll feel as if he’s there with you. However most of the time if we’re communicating effectively we’ll be available to each other when it matters most, and when an offer situation arises regardless of the day of the week or month.

It’s Your Action Plan That Matters Most!

When working with you Julian will create a customized Action Plan outlining your home buying goals, what’s most important to you, timelines, what to expect, setup a Property Tracker account, and more. When you visit with him you will see the difference in professionalism, project management, and charisma working for you.

#5 – Expect to save money on your purchase, find a great opportunity in the market, and/or learn really how far your money can extend in purchasing your next home within reason. 

There is no magical secret, no ‘diamond in the rough’ property that only we’ll know about, or a crystal ball to predict the future, but what we can count on is solid micro and macro market insight and research to create specific data, we can control the level and quality of communications, and can take swift action if/when needed to accelerate an offer situation.

Research and knowing the market beat is priceless! Values can be different from block to block and definitely even within neighborhoods.

In doing his due diligence researching properties and the market trends week to week across most of King County, Julian is able to understand what types of properties, what time of year, and what specific locations will demand a higher offer or more value-based offer, for example. You’ll learn about how far your money can go with a higher percentage chance of follow through and success instead of placing offer after offer unsuccessfully like many people are doing that are not properly advised and don’t have an Action Plan.

Common Issues With ‘Discount Agents’ 

They’re many times unable to provide you with the value or quality of what a full service agent like Julian can. They might miss loose ends, won’t work as hard, haven’t achieved as much, and many times aren’t hungry enough to get that extra edge on your behalf. We find many who are ‘part-time’ agents who are more like hourly employees than experienced professionals, they won’t know the market as well, and likely cannot communicate as well.

In our industry the best agents out there are not ‘discount agents’, and there’s a reason for that, many reasons. Many of these top agents come from the John L. Scott office Julian hangs his license at, another reason he chose his brand and office over eight others who recruited him. We know our value and don’t immediately offer a discount as if we’re at Walmart, something we hear more than we should.

Real Estate Wins & Facts to Benefit You

You’re likely wanting a home in a desirable area with good access to your commute, school, and/or a certain community or near your friends perhaps. Julian works with clients to obtain homes in some highly desirable neighborhoods including Bothell, West Seattle, Greenlake, and Bellevue, having only gone to a third offer twice over the past two years of this competitive market. On three occurrences in 2016 Julian was able to secure homes for his clients in these highly desirable neighborhoods at list price or below in a market driven by multiple offers and complex scenarios. (video coming soon with some personal stories on this subject)

There’s no reason you should be on your 4th and 5th offer situation..at that point something is seriously wrong with your strategy, location or position versus the competition.

Julian has personally over half a dozen occurrences in the past year where his clients have fired their ‘discount’ broker and hired Julian instead, regardless of commission structure. At the end of the day if you’re battling endlessly through three or more multiple offer situations then there’s something wrong with your goals, your team and/or the timing and requires a deep analysis many are unwilling to take on.

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After searching townhomes in Greenlake we decided Ruby & Derek should be shopping for Single Family Homes instead. In a VERY competitive area at a competitive time we were able to secure this beautiful home at LIST PRICE!! circa June 2016

Myth about commission savings from a broker’s perspective

For this example: $500,000 house, buyer hoping to save 1% of agent’s commission (approx $5,000). Julian’s goal is to save you much more than $5,000, but more like $10-25,000 if possible, and we can do this in a variety of ways. My other goals are to keep sanity in your corner, use the least amount of your out-of-pocket cash as you’re hoping to use, and strategize the best scenarios for you within your target locations and goals.  One quote Julian often says that resonates with new homebuyers who assume this is an easy process, “I wouldn’t ask for your paycheck, why would you ask for mine.” The last home Julian’s clients wanted a discount he got them $35,000 more than they expected!! Before that he had two people in 2016, for example, who were used to working unsuccessfully with a discount agent and couldn’t even find a home. With Julian he brought two homes to their attention that were exactly in the areas of interest, got 2nd out of 5 offers on one, then got them a home in Bellevue during the frenzy at List Price!

Julian is a full-service, full-commission agent who knows he’ll put you in your best position for purchasing a home soon, in your areas of interest at a competitive price that works for your budget and goals.

Seattle Real Estate First Time Home Buyer Timelines > The 90-day rule

Original article published by Julian Michael Aguirre of John L. Scott Real Estate

We want to assure your essential elements and every stage of your home buying process is on time. Your first time home buyer timelines are extremely important and we’ll be on top of it!

Here’s a scenario offering my professional advice to someone wanting to move before Labor Day weekend (first few days of September):

If you’re serious about moving before the Sept school year starts is to put together a timeline for yourself at least 90-days prior to Labor Day following the rationale below.

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1 – Closing date, Speed bumps and Moving time

Think about the latest closing date you’d ideally want (let’s say Aug 30th for example, Weds prior to Labor Day weekend in 2017) then go backwards at least 45 days to when we’d need to get under contract: this would be July 19th. This allows a 30 to 35-day close (usually appraisal time sometimes holds up closing times a few days at the peak of summer months). This also allows a small buffer of time to move out of your current place and into your new home/storage, usually a couple weeks is preferred to coordinate moving trucks, cleaning up a rental, not being super rushed, and so forth.

2 – Home Search

In our market I advise my clients to plan for 4-to-6wks on average to find a home you’ll love and want to make at least one offer on, sometimes 2-3wks longer depending on how competitive the area is and if you have a travel schedule perhaps. Typically in our market we’re getting the second home for many clients on average, sometimes the first, sometimes the 3rd or 4th depending again on location, inventory, etc..

Begin: This puts you starting your home search June 7-10 or perhaps earlier, which for this example coincides with the end of the school year for those of you with kiddos. To be safe I’d aim to be ready to start your search the first day of June! Fact: There are many houses out there to purchase, it’s just that they don’t last long..thus, being ready 100% is essential.

3 – Ducks in a Row: i.e. Financials, Pre-approval and Loan Application Set

Typically this is a 72-hour process if everything is accounted for, usually a business week is ideal to plan for if you’ve got all your paystubs, etc that your lender would ask for. We want your Pre-approval letter to be in your hands beforeyou start your home search though to avoid you losing that great home you might find without a pre-approval. In peak season everyone can get backlogged and it might take an extra day or two, which in our market can be the difference. So let’s say you’d want to be chatting with your lender in late May at very latest for this example to give yourself the best chance of bring prepared. Fact: Your pre-approval will last 90-days from when issued so you’re good there and typically a credit pull will last 120 days.

Hope that wasn’t too much but for anyone who’s a few months out that I work with I like to make sure they’re aware of the timelines and how they can sneak up on us. Consider me a resource for any questions you may have along the way and if/when you’d like to grab a coffee or chat I’m an on-the-go agent who will come to you. -JM

Seattle Seahawks Schedule 2015 /  It’s ‘Game Time’ Folks!!

Where are all my hawks fans out there!? Go #12’s!!

What an epic last couple years we’ve enjoyed as Seahawks fans. Thank you so much to Pete Carroll to creating a dynamic energy in this city that’s been missing from our professional athletics for many years. It now has a very different vibe to attend and watch the Seattle Seahawks, one filled with synergy, pride and lots of loud noises and shouting (of course, lol). Let’s make it a third year in a row for our boys of fall!


Seahawks pre-season sch clip

Regular Season

Seahawks week 1-10

Seahawks wk11-17 clip


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