Downtown Seattle Belltown Condos & Condominiums

Love downtown life? Like a walk score off the charts?! Then you’ll likely love the downtown lifestyle!

So much to do in the downtown lifestyle from epic bars and dining, to shows and live music all around the city, to having great access to public transportation and of course having that hyper-local feel from borough to borough such as Queen Anne, Belltown, Pike Place, Pioneer Square, and many more!

What to Expect When Searching for Seattle Downtown Condo

Expect the inventory to be limited and be READY to pounce if you see something you really like because chances are there’s at least a couple other people that have as good of taste in lifestyle as you! Expect to as about HOA’s and what they cover, what the ‘rental cap’ is and how it’s regulated, about access to the building, and about the parking.

Amenities and Me / All of These Should be Addressed

How nice or large is the gym on-site? How new are the machines and what’s additionally appealing such as a yoga/stretching room, basketball court, or other? Do they even have a workout facility?

Does the building have a modern, upgraded common area for hosting friends, relaxing or entertaining outdoors and/or indoors depending on time of year? Are there BBQ’s, an open kitchen, televisions or screening facilities? Is there a rental and/or reservation fee? Is there a business or conference space in case I need somewhere for visitors to meet with or host a meeting?

Concierge services…what’s included and when are the hours? What about any bonuses like discounts to local eateries, coffee shops or other businesses?

Are there restaurants downstairs? Is it quieter typically in the community or is it louder on the bottom floors until a certain point due to local businesses?

How Much Can I Get For My Money Downtown?

Depends of course on your needs, budget, amenities you’ll accept as a minimum, how new is the building and of course the location. Best thing is to make sure you know your budget and what you’re looking for out of your

What Are Certain Boroughs Known For or Offer Especially | Areas of Interest For Most Condo Home Searchers in Downtown Seattle

  • Belltown
  • Pioneer Square & SODO
  • Queen Anne
  • South Lake Union
  • Capital Hill
  • First Hill & Central District