First Time Home Buyers Classes Seattle Bellevue

Thanks for stopping by! Ready to STOP RENTING? Eager to Own Your First Home? You’re in the right place.

We host weekly First Time Home Buyers Classes Seattle Bellevue – Greater Area focused. Home buyer classes are taught by Homebuying Specialist Julian Michael Aguirre and a preferred mortgage home loan officer to gain knowledge about the home buying process, winning strategies, and more. Classes are meant to be a quality source of information, data, conversation about the local real estate market, trends, and lending in general and how it relates to you.

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May 2017 Class Schedule

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May 17th (Weds) > South Lake Union, Seattle > 6:00pm, 2-hr premium class 

  • w/Julian Michael & Keith Pitsch of Absolute Mortgage

May 20th (Sat) > South Lake Union, Seattle > 10:30am, 2-hr premium class 

  • w/Julian Michael & April Connell of Caliber Home Loans

May 23rd (Tues) > South Lake Union, Seattle > 6:00pm, 2-hr Class

  • w/Julian Michael & Paul Hoeffer of Directors Mortgage

May 24th (Weds) > Bellevue > 6:00pm, 2hr Class 

  • w/Julian Michael & Keith Pitsch of Absolute Mortgage

About Our Classes

Excited to Sell or Purchase your next home but not sure on the latest trends and steps? Or maybe you’re super new to the real estate market and have been renting or new to the US and want to purchase a home for your family? We meet many people in many different scenarios and can help you get on the right track and take the best first steps to making your dreams come true!

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Topics We’ll Cover at Classes > Strategic HomeBuying in the Greater Seattle or Eastside Areas

–  The Entire Homebuying Process from Pre-approval through Closing and getting your new keys

–  Being ‘Buyer Ready From Day One’ (a term coined by John L. Scott Real Estate)

–  What’s the Best Mortgage Plan for Me and/or My Family?

–  Can I Get Down Payment Assistance and What Do I Qualify For if needed?

–  What Type of Credit Do I Need and How Can I Build My Credit Back Up?

–  Winning strategies to not only find, but secure your next/first home in our local market!

–  And much more during our 2-hours of class time where we’ll cover the entire process with lots of Q&A and real world examples!

What to Expect at First Time Home Buyers Classes Seattle Bellevue Greater Area Focused

Expect it to be casual, full of questions and answers you’ll find valuable, and low key. Julian comes from a background of teaching classes and workshops and even coached high schoolers at one point so knows how to be patient, exciting and is an expert at translating information for anyone to understand.

Typically workshops last around 2hrs including Q&A at the end, light refreshments and beverages are served, and the location is easy to find with good parking in a safe neighborhood.

Is There a Cost to Attend?

These are complimentary workshops provided with no commitment necessary to attend, but of course we’d love to work with you if you find our information valuable and our commitment to your home buying and/or selling efforts. We’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience and look forward to meeting you!

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**If for any reason this link is outdated or doesn’t work, please contact Julian directly by phone at 425.686.9247 or email at jm (at)

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Past Events for 2017

May 2nd (Tues) > Bellevue > 6:00pm, 2-hr class

  • w/Julian Michael & David Bonelli of Graystone Mortgage

May 10th (Weds) > Bellevue > 6:00pm, 2-hr class

  • w/Julian Michael & Paul Hoeffer of Directors Mortgage

May 13th (Saturday) > Bellevue > 10:30am, 2-hr Premium Class

  • w/Julian Michael & Travis Newbauer Team of Supreme Lending