Kirkland & Redmond Real Estate

If you’re looking for a quality Real Estate home buying and/or selling experience you’ve come to the right place. Here is some great info about the most popular neighborhoods in the Kirkland Real Estate and Redmond Real Estate market on the Eastside. Each area possesses certain attributes you may be drawn to or likewise.

Popular Kirkland Home Neighborhoods /


Tucked away off between the North end of Bellevue and the first exit off 405 north of Bellevue you’ll find Houghton, a bedroom community with a little personality all its own. Homes vary in many sizes and shapes, and of course price range in this area as Google, Expedia and Microsoft are closeby. There’s even a small private University in this area and a Starbucks that feels like is never empty. Expect a certain coziness in this area and to pay premium for proximity to the highways and Bellevue.

West of Market

Luxury, a view, walkability, premium…is what comes to mind when I think of the West of Market area of Kirkland. This implies the homes that are literally ‘West’ of ‘Market Street’, which runs north to south starting in downtown Kirkland running near the waterfront up to North Kirkland (or Juanita Beach area).

If anything else you’ll find bliss in taking a nice leisurely stroll through this neighborhood and near the waterfront with a panoramic view of Lake Washington. Expect homes to average in the $1.5 to $2.5 million range with many remodels taking place concurrently. Walk to downtown and enjoy privacy in this exclusive neighborhood.

Bridle Trails

In addition to the many homes in this area from different decades, the Bridle Trails neighborhood is an Equestrian’s dream. You’ll find top schools and there actually are ‘bridle trails’ that make for a nice weekday run or a weekend outing with open space near Bellevue and Kirkland protected by the state parks. Make sure to bring a flashlight if you’re near sunset because if there’s one thing that this area has, it’s trees, and lots of them!

Drive down 140th sometime and loop back to 132nd to see some of the grandiose homes built on impressively large lots in seclusion, tucked into a natural habitat but only 15min from downtown.

Totem Lake

Growing! With Evergreen Hospital as a base and a new modern shopping centre being constructed as of 2016, Totem Lake offers promise to those who want to live close but also value a more suburb neighborhood setting. Homes in this area might not be as fancy as those in West of Market of Kirkland, but they’re plenty good size and the freeways are easily accessible with lots of restaurants and daily needs nearby.

Woodinville’s wine country is just 10-minutes down the road, or play golf or go go-karting or rock climbing just down the road off 124th. Take the family out to dinner or enjoy a night in with pizza and a movie, you’ll definitely be happy how your home will appreciate in this area.

Finn Hill

Nothing beats driving up NE Juanita Drive with the windows down, music blaring in the summer with a gorgeous view of Lake Washington and beyond. If you choose to live on Finn Hill there’s a good chance this will be the tail end of your commute home!

Home to a couple of recently rebuilt schools and homes from a variety of decades both luxury and simple, you’ll find space and quiet on Finn Hill. Expect to visit the trails that surround Bastyr University¬†and to take a spin on Holmes Point Drive to view a collection of unique waterfront view properties built with their own personalities.

Downtown Kirkland Waterfront


Popular Redmond Home Neighborhoods

Rose Hill

Education Hill

Union Hill & Novelty Hill

Bear Creek Country Club & Tuscany

Overlake (around Microsoft Main Campus)