It’s All About Personal Service!

There are many types of personalities and professionals out there, some better communicators than others, some better marketers than others, but through your real estate experience it’ll always be about excellence in customer service and communications with me.

About Julian

There are some people in your life you’ll meet and instantly know you’re working with a sharp, witty professional..I like to think I’m one of these people. My time is spent learning constantly, communicating with dozens of friends and clients on a daily basis (i.e. juggling) while staying fit and getting my occasional golf round in or maybe a concert to remember why I work so hard. Life balance is super important and is definitely something I strive to keep in check while keeping a very open line with my clients. When I can I devote my time or resources to charities such as Treehouse for Kids, the Boys & Girls Clubs and other local causes. My goal is always to make a friend first, client second, while representing your best interests since it’s important to like who you’re working with/for.

When it comes to areas and market knowledge of greater King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, I’ve been around the area since 1995 and have extensive market knowledge of neighborhoods, local parks and recreation, popular destinations and restaurants, and what the future holds in store for a variety of neighborhoods. Whether you like walking near Greenlake, the Sound, being close to Farmer’s markets, bus lines or are looking for a planned community with sidewalks and trails I’ll likely know quite a few things to check out!

Expect these qualities to benefit you:

– I’m a seasoned negotiator who’s worked in marketing and sales for 20 years, having successfully negotiated with hundreds of companies from Microsoft and Nike to Bank of America and many others

– Your interests are more important than mine…always! I’m merely a guide but you ultimately make the decisions based on research, market trends and other factors

– Expect the ‘little things’ (i.e. the important details) to receive special attention. There are a variety of moving parts within your real estate experience, whether it’s a slew of necessary paperwork, making some updates to your home (for sellers), or preparing a strong offer (for buyers), it’s the little things that matter most sometimes.

– Marketing is second nature to me. Basically this means we’re already a step or two ahead of the competition. My background is in strategy, design, photography and writing. As a Photographer and Editor this is a direct translation to some of the visual marketing aspects. As a Marketing Strategist I used to work with companies to position their selves properly in their market and work with them on packaging and proper pricing.


Coffee, lunch, your home or at my office, just let me know what is most comfortable for you. -Julian