Renton Highlands Homes & Townhomes

Consistently on the rise this is a neighborhood that is continuing to flourish and where property values are rising as well, just on a slightly tamer scale than neighboring Newcastle and Issaquah, hence part of it’s appeal. Schools in Renton Highlands are known for being very good and the commute time into Seattle or especially Bellevue and Redmond (Microsoft) are typically within 25-35 minutes, which for most is very attractive in that you can raise a family or have a home with your partner or wife and be close by to the city without all the bustle.

Best Access Points for Commute Into & Around Renton Highlands Homes & Townhomes

Many people who’ve never lived in this area aren’t familiar with the access points into and around this area but it’s one of the easiest areas to get in and out of. Of course when you get close to the highway expect some backup, but that would happen almost anywhere within 25-30 minutes of the city.

One of the best features about the Renton Highlands is it’s several routes of accessibility to Issaquah via State Route 900, Newcastle, Bellevue/Factoria via Coal Creek Parkway, and South to Renton and Tukwila.

What to Expect When Purchasing a Home in Renton Highlands

Expect to have some options, to have a few extra days than some of the super competitive areas closer to the city and Bellevue, but expect to pay for what you get. This area has seen tons of newer construction and a variety of types of single family homes, thus it’s been pretty clear to determine what many of the similar style homes are going for. In my experience the home pricing hasn’t escalated quite as high on average compared to the super premium areas we read about in the paper and articles the last couple years, but for a really premium home you’ll see higher interest as you may expect.

School Boundaries / Between Renton Highlands and Issaquah Schools, and between Renton City Schools?

For anyone with a family this is one of the biggest questions I’m asked, and rightfully so. There are some people that this won’t matter, and for some this is a very big question for their kids and family moving forward.

Here’s a link to the Renton Schools Boundary Maps pg:

Here’s a link to the Issaquah School Boundary Maps pg: