Why List My Home for Sale in Seattle Real Estate Market

With current 2013 to 2015 appreciation trends there are many of those who are listing their homes, some of which had no intention of unloading their property or moving so quickly, but hey, why not!? Lots of makeovers, updated curb appeals and sometimes just a very generic flip of a home in a popular area can attract a flurry of buyers who are willing to outbid in record numbers and many times in cash!

So, the question remains:¬†Why List My Home for Sale in Seattle Real Estate Market? Because you’ll likely come out ahead from your purchase price if you purchased following the last recession. Some owners who purchased at the peak of the market are finding their self in the positive bracket for the first time in years. Meanwhile, those who purchased in 2009 or 2010 are recognizing a substantial profit in many areas of Seattle, up to 30-40 minutes outside the city. Why? A huge influx of jobs and employment in the area and to an market run by technology and everything supporting this Seattle is reported within the Top 3 Cities booming to start 2015!